Inspired Cube provides competent services in Mobile apps development using latest modern and proven technologies. Our Dedicated development teams specialize in Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows Phone and BlackBerry apps development, as well as mobile websites development using HTML5 technology. We also provide services in applications migration to mobile platforms.

Our services include development of:

  • Android Mobile Apps

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad) Mobile Apps

  • Windows Phone Apps

  • BlackBerry Mobile Apps

  • Mobile Websites

  • Cross-platform apps

Technologies: Objective C/C++, Java for Android, JavaScript, C#, HTML5, CSS3, PHP

Experience and Expertise in Mobile Development

Messaging, Voice, Video Chat Apps

We implement various messaging mobile apps, apps providing communication opportunities in real time, instant messaging as well as voice calls and voice dialing of the messages.

Besides we have experience in implementation various purposes mobile applications with video calls feature, video chat, videoconference.

iBeacon Apps

iBeacon is a new technology, which is based on Bluetooth Low Energy and is used as a location-based targeting system inside and outside the premises, allowing various companies to send information, advertising on the smartphone of potential customer being in the range of certain iBeacon wireless sensor.

We implement apps that perfectly interact with the iBeacon, receive data from the beacon and provide information search.

Android Wear Apps

Our teams are designing applications for wearable smart devices implementing such fatures as: treacking feature (heart rate, steps number, loss of calories, etc.); voice control; data synchronizing between mobile devices and wearable device, navigation and routing, organizer etc.

Apps for OBD-II Adapters

We have long time experience in research and development innovative technologies that connect to the vehicle on-board system and allow read and decode data from it.

Besides such apps possess various useful functions: reading the dynamic and stored parameters of the engine control unit (ECU) of the cars compatible with OBD-II standard (on-board diagnostic system); data reading for the cars with multiple ECU.

Real-time Data Visualization

We create user friendly promotional applications for advertising goods and services. Applications allow multiple simultaneous video streams on the page, static, animation and transition effects for media presentation, sound effects etc.

Mapping Integration

We implement custom mapping solutions that possess features: locations, driving directions, GPS positioning, and optimal routes. When implementing these features we integrate with additional mapping solutions and services: Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Microsoft Live Search Maps, Yandex Maps, OpenStreetMap.

Social Networking Apps

We have experience of mobile apps development with the integration of popular social networks Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc. Such apps allow the customer expand his products and services in social networks or provide his clients more wide possibilities of social interactions.

Remote Access Apps

We provide B2B mobile apps, with the main feature – provide fast and reliable access form a mobile device to the corporate infrastructure (corporate portal, CRM, ERP etc.). Such apps developed by us can provide remote file management including documents transfer, sending, editing and other features.

Mobile Web Site

We implement light weight, interactive, user friendly Mobile web sites, specially developed and adapted for viewing and operating at the mobile device. Our developers have experience in developing interactive components for such web sites using JavaScript, HTML5, APIs of new browsers.

Our Mobile Portfolio

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