JavaScript / HTML5 / AJAX Software Development

We offer high-quality software development outsourcing, including a full range of services for customer’s business from in-depth analysis of company’s business processes to the development of cross-browser applications of any complexity. We pay special attention to the software quality control and after-sales service.

Our team is engaged in web development from the scratch and provides services of desktop applications migration to mobile platforms. We provide cross-platform and cross-browser applications and capable effectively visualize and process vast amounts of information. We work with geolocation data, and provide basic mapping services using Google map, Bing, OpenStreetMap, Yandex map services etc.

Our team also has qualified business analysts and QA engineers who provide first-rate services in the field of business analysis and software testing.

To develop flexible cross-platform web-based applications we apply JavaScript technology and various technologies and libraries related to it.

Our expertise in JavaScript, HTML5, AJAX includes knowledge and experience of:

  • Technologies and Libraries: JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, Web 2.0, Rest, JSON; jQuery, Dojo, Atlas, Media Queries, Rest, RESTfull, JSON, Web Services, SOA, HTTPS, WebSockets + Node.js etc.

Our Development Experience in JavaScript / HTML5 / AJAX Includes:

Web applications, corporate web portals development

Mobile web sites development: iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone

Web design, visual effects and web games development

JavaScript is a universal scripting language, a very flexible and powerful. JavaScript is widely used as a scripting language for the web browser and allows us to implement interactive HTML-documents.

JavaScript gives us opportunity to develop web-based apps very quickly, with the maximum comprehensive user experience.

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