Java Software Development, Java Outsourcing (Outstuffing)

Inspire Cube professional team, consisting of more than 80 software engineers and architects, provides customers full-cycle development services in the business software development and flexible outsourcing and software development using Java technology.

More than 10 years of successful delivering projects and services give our team the unique experience to help our clients to get the maximum return on their investment in information technology.


Inspire Cube Java dedicated development teams are a great solution for customers to save up time on their own tasks. We guarantee you high quality, stability and reliability of the developed software, regardless of its complexity. Our company also provides full support for the project implemented.

Java is the most popular technology to create a variety of applications. We use it to develop as well as mobile applications and a variety of business systems and components. Depending on the task we apply various platforms based on Java technology, including Java EE, Java SE, Java for Android. Our specialists are constantly improving their skills and receive certificates.

When creating enterprise applications and necessary components for corporate use we apply Java EE or Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE). Our experience in Java outsourcing includes: billing services and web portals with various functionalities (ERP, CRM, project management systems, etc.) that are used to manage business processes at  the companies.

To deliver our customers the best solution according to their business needs we offer the following cooperation models:

  • project work – the tasks are generated into the project the cost of which is calculated on the basis of the general complexity of works to be done;
  • outsourcing – payment for the hours spent on the tasks;
  • outstaffing – dedicated team of Java developers are concentrated exclusively to the custom project, thus reducing the cost of the work.


While Java outsourcing our engineers have reasonable experience of conveying programming frameworks for organizations of different sizes: integrate internal and external corporate systems, automate work process, and subsequently, enhance business processes productivity.

To handle custom project in the most practical way our team applies RUP, Agile (Scrum) and other project management/development techniques depending on the project needs.

We have fundamental abilities, which cover a large number of application servers, databases, libraries, components and technologies:

  • Technologies and Libraries: Java EE, EJB, JMS, SOA, Rest,  Web Services, RMI, MVC, Struts, JSF, Portlets, Servlets, Applets, JSP, JUnit, Ant, Maven, AWT, JFC, JB, Java3D, Batik, CORBA, Hibernate, JPA, JDBC
  • Frameworks: Vaadin, Liferay, Spring Framework, Grails, Jasper, Swing
  • Application Servers: IBM Web Sphere, WebLogic Server, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish


Web Applications Development

  • E-Commerce solutions (online stores)
  • Corporate portals, web portals
  • Online banking and payment systems
  • Data processing systems
  • Social networks
  • Private user accounts
  • Reporting
  • Analytical and forecasting systems
  • Online billing
  • E-mail and communication
  • Automation of various business processes
  • Catalogs and ordering system
  • GPS devices integration with the maps in real time
  • Forums, conferences, technical support, information boards etc.

Enterprise Applications Development

  • Business processes automation
  • Corporate intranet/internet solutions
  • Enterprise and Content Management System (CMS, CRM, ERP etc.)
  • Development of software products based on open source software (Apache Tomcat, PostgreSQL etc.)
  • Software development using IBM product line (IBM WebSphere, IBM BPM etc.)
  • Software products development using Oracle products (Oracle SQL server etc.)
  • Software products development using Microsoft product line (Active Directory, MSSQL etc.)

Mobile Applications Development

  • Android mobile applications
  • Blackberry mobile applications

The Main Advantages of Java Outsourcing

  • High performance

    Applications built using the Java is effective and stable and at the same time need minimal amount of computing resources.

  • Economy

    Java development process is much faster than in case of other programming languages ​​- it saves you time, money and resources.

  • Cross-platform

    Software product based on Java are stable and compatible for use on a variety of operating systems (Unix, Windows, MacOS etc.).

  • Cross-browser compatibility

    Java allows create user friendly interface applications that are displayed properly in major popular browser (Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and others.).

  • High load capability

    Java EE platform provide tools to create applications for a large number of users, without increasing the load on the server.

Software development using Java ensures the system independence of equipment. Years of experience developing software solutions based on Java technology at our company proves that it is a perfect technology for business processes automation at the large enterprises.

Java EE Software Development

The most widely used Java platform by Inspire Cube teams is Java Enterprise Edition and the Spring Framework that are multi-platform systems for software development.

We use Java EE when delivering custom software for medium and large enterprises. This platform strictly standardizes the relationship between the components of a software that ensures speed and fault tolerance.

Spring Software Development

Spring Framework makes it possible to use a lightweight tools when developing applications, thus simplifies software development process for a software engineer. Spring Framework is supplied with the dynamic functionality that gives greater freedom in the software implementation, as well as simplifies the development of custom projects.

We select the platform to implement a project depending on the future product and its goals. We consider Java EE suitable for the most stable processes development, but when solving unordinary tasks our software developers use Spring Framework. At the very first stage of the projects our experts will help determine the best platform for your project.

Java Web Applications Development

Web applications are cross-platform services that do not depend on the operating system of the customer. We use a variety of modern technologies to deliver custom web applications. Applying Java technology in complex with the other modern technologies gives us the possibility to create complex web solutions secure, multifunctional, reliable, and standardized in short terms.

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