Web Applications Development

Inspire Cube provides services on custom web applications development. Our experience includes development of multi-functional web sites, applications and portals, highly specialized vertical solutions, complex corporate portals, banking systems and effective solutions for online business such as:

  • Ecommerce portals
  • Banking systems (credit system, budget system etc.)
  • Online auctions
  • Online booking services
  • Social networks
  • Loyalty and promotional systems
  • Solutions in the field of media and entertainment

We have separate team of software engineers specializing exclusively in web development, solutions for online businesses, corporate web portals and applications. These developers may be organized up to the customer’s needs and concentrate on his project.

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We Can Develop

  • E-commerce

  • Online retail

  • Marketplaces

  • Online auctions

  • Online booking

  • Partner Portal

  • Content Management Systems

  • ERP systems

  • Document Management Systems

  • Data collection and business intelligence systems

  • Network for content distribution

  • Mobile Social Networking

  • Electronic and online payment, billing Systems

  • Many other, according to requirements …

What features we implement

Instant, reliable and secure access

We create systems providing network users with secure remote access by centralizing storage, assign system rights and roles, setup remote access to the network and limit the access permissions to the data.

Scalability according to the requirements

Easy-to-use solutions containing, in addition to the standard features of social networks – personalization, messaging, blogs, wikis, content distribution, etc. – specific functionality to the needs of well-defined target audiences.

Support huge amount system users

Systems developed by us provide instant access by the great amount of users online without any delay. To implement this feature our software engineers use the most modern and reliable technologies, data processing servers and data libraries.

Huge amount of data processed

We develop systems that provide processing of the huge amount of data with a high speed. Our systems help companies working with structured data process large amounts of data increasing the the speed of analysis. Your business is next!

Stable and reliable operation of the system, excluding downtime

We guarantee the stability of the systems developed by our teams. Our systems function without changing its structure, and are in equilibrium.

User friendly interface

We develop user interface providing the user convenient interaction with the system. Our interfaces are clear, simple and understandable for everyone. We consider each detail –  icons, buttons, menus, hints, sounds etc.


Payment systems and third-party payment gateways integration

For the E-commerce systems it is very important to provide the user convenient way of ordering and payment accepting online. Besides it should be secure. We have experience to integrate E-commerce with the most popular and reliable payment systems and third-party payment gateways integration.

Convenient directory management, content and user accounts

We implement easy data and user management tools in our systems. The data might be synchronized and managed quickly and in convenient way. System folders and files may be shared to the lists of users, grant them remote access etc.

Visualization reports and statistics

To analyze the workflow and the effectiveness of the system users, we provide the tools of analysis and statistic. According to the requirements these tools provide analysis of various processes and workflows, as well as for the calculation and printing of analytical and statistical forms, for defined period of time.

Efficient, flexible, customizable search tools

Implementing the web applications we develop tools for the advanced instant search, providing the system user with an instrument ready to find any file or document according to the search criteria.

Notifications in real time

Web applications may contain notification feature designed for automatic notifications and alerts to the system user emails or phone about events. Now you will never forget to do the task assigned to you on time.

Real time communication

We implement real time data exchange systems. Now it is easy to attach a document, image, audio file, and send it to another system user.

Compliance to the modern web standards

Our web applications completely comply with the modern web standards, latest web browsers and at the same time provide websites support by the earlier versions of browsers: established HTML5 standards, Cascading Style Sheets Level 3 (CSS3) and scalable vector graphics (SVG) etc.

Support at the mobile devices

Each our system is verified to support the mobile devices access. Mobility is the main principle of the modern life, so we develop the web applications which are easily accessed from a mobile device. Besides we integrate online payment systems to support secure payment transactions carried out as a web browser, or using mobile phones.

Selected Projects

The technological experience of Inspire Cube meets the latest requirements. Our team will build an optimal solution that will help you to organize:

  • Workflow and integrate all enterprise systems into a unified business process
  • Automate business processes
  • Increase the adaptability of the company’s strategy
  • Solve the problems of performance and scalability
  • Move to the web across the enterprise
  • Organize mobile access to the system
  • Increase the level of information security

Why Choose Inspire Cube as a Web Developer

Various levels of implemented solutions

Over the years we gained experience in the implementation of hundreds of projects, which allows us to create solutions that fully meet the requirements of the market. We implemented small size projects aimed to provide the customer a ready web solution, with no need of support and large scale web projects with the millions of users, requiring 27/4 support and constant contact with the customer.

Deep technological knowledge

Our web development teams consist of highly specialized engineers in various web technologies including: Java (Java EE), C# (.Net, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC).

Besides we develop solutions based on the IBM, Oracle and Microsoft product line. Full technological competence, see here.

Customer oriented service

We appreciate the time and needs of our customers that’s why we organize out work on the web application development in such a way to provide a ready system strictly in time.

Besides, we are always keeping in touch with our customer’s representatives.

You can also learn more about our services and specialization, or just contact us to discuss your project.

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