Android, iOS, BlackBerry Custom Mobile Applications Development

Android and iOS operating systems are currently the fastest growing operating systems. The number of devices operating on it is over 1 billion and keeps growing. We have experience in development different types of applications for our customers up to their needs. Our Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) custom mobile development portfolio includes:

Promotional Applications

Promotional Applications

Mobile Ecommerce

Mobile Ecommerce

Business Applications

Business Applications

Business Applications

Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad) Mobile application for business means, you use them in the company’s business environment. Usually such applications are integrated into the company’s corporate systems and provide company’s stuff Android, iPhone mobile access to the necessary documents anywhere in the world, as well as the ability to perform commercial transactions directly from the mobile device.

Large companies which practice mobile office for its key employees appreciate the power and flexibility of Android, iPhone mobile devices. Such apps release the employees from a bulky laptop and provide a full-featured office in tablet or smartphone.

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Promotional applications

Promo apps are very popular these days. Companies that are bringing to market a new product often use Android, iPhone mobile applications as promotional tool. For the consumer who is not familiar a new product and has a lot of questions about the usage it is a great way to represent new features and persuade to use it. Besides, custom mobile application can provide the customer loyalty program and support.

Promotional Android, iPhone mobile application shows the user new features, advantages of the product, allows interact with the app, may include instructions for use, video tutorials, feedback forms, possibility to order the main or related products or services.

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Mobile Website

The world’s leading media holdings, large companies providing various services, banks, financial enterprises  provide their customers and consumers convenient way of access to their web resources in the form of light weight mobile websites. These are mobile apps, which comprise the features of a real website, but in a familiar way. The texts and media in such apps are converted to a format that can be read by tablet and smartphones.

Such apps cannot only view the text and pictures, but also access to recordings, videos, discussion papers, as well as tweet feeds of the hottest events. Custom mobile applications that we develop for the media holdings, large companies providing various services, banks, and financial enterprises transfer the whole range of opportunities of the real website to the mobile device.

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Mobile Ecommerce

Inspire Cube has the experience of developing custom mobile applications with the functions of online purchases or booking (hotel rooms, tours or air travel).

Such apps developed by us provide the user with the flexibility to make purchases when he really needs it!

The mobile app at Android, iPhone gives the possibility to select the desired item from the catalog, shows its details with its features and reviews from other customers and also order and pay for it using the Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad) mobile device. See similar projects …

Mobile App Development Process

First stage: Requirements and Layout

One of the first and most important steps is to agree on the requirements with the customer. Then, the UI designers draw application layout, it will help to avoid logical errors in the interface and application, and make it handy for the user.

Layouts are created for all major mobile application screens. This can be sketched by hand on a sheet of paper or a draft design in Photoshop. Using the layout the entire team will be able to imagine the future application interface and functions. So it is one of the longest stages, the layouts can change their appearance dozens of times.

Second stage: Prototype

After all the layouts are drawn, we make them alive:  the buttons are clickable, the screens changes etc. This is not a complete application, but the prototype helps to understand weather convenient application is, is it simple and intuitive.

After that we test prototype together with the customer, at this stage we can understand how intuitive user interface will be.

Third stage: Design

This stage we take very seriously. Designers carefully draw the interface in accordance with the requirements of the customer and the UI design trends. All the details up to the application icon at the App Market are considered. As a rule, it takes plenty of time, but these efforts worth it, because image is the first thing the user meets at the app store. And whether he downloads the app or not depends on whether the app image catches his eye.

Fourth stage: Development

After the approval of the finished design and prototype, all the documentation, together with the requirements is transferred to the developers who embody the design into the application itself.

Fifth stage: Testing

In the fifth stage, we assign the QA (quality assurance) team and test the application on different devices and OS versions. The customer might be also actively involved at this stage. Before the testing we prepare user activity scripts to make sure that the application is convenient to future users.

Sixth stage: Project delivery

Probably one of the most exciting stages. We pass the project to the customer. Further, when the application is approved by the customer, we release it to the app store Google Play or AppleStore, and start receiving the feedback from the users. User feedback helps us understand if there are there any mistakes in the app operation or some functions to be implemented in future.

How to start Mobile Development Project with the Inspire Cube?

We are ready to start your Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad) custom mobile app development project right now, just tell us about your idea. If you are still thinking about the idea of the app, we are ready to help you. Our specialists will analyze your business needs and provide you the consultation as for the future app. We will prepare the requirements for the future app together.

But if you have a ready documentation with the requirements to the application, just sent it to us, we will estimate terms and suggest you the best price.

Don’t hesitate to send us e-mail!

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