unity-logoInspireCube – we provide the creation of mobile games for Android and iOS based on the most popular game engine Unity 3D

We are a team of creative game developers; we create amazing apps and games for iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android, Windows Phone etc. InspireCube specialists possess valuable experience, which helps us transform incredible ideas into reality. Our mobile games take the first places in the world rankings.

During the years of our work on the game development market we have earned the respect and confidence of US and foreign customers. We set ourselves as a responsible company that performs non-standard solutions. For the recent years, we have gained a separate niche in the world of 3D mobile games.

Mobile games development has become an integral part of our services. We are best known for the development for mobile operating systems iOS, Android, Windows Phone.


Whatever idea you have, our specialists will cope with your task!

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Our Recent Mobile Games

Games Development at InspireCube

  • Estimating the cost for game development

    Our experts will help you with the idea of ​​mobile game, as well as advise the technologies to use, effects, animation and more. In addition, we’ll estimate the efforts on development, properly formalize the technical requirements, estimate human resources, team, timing and milestones in advance.

  • Planning of the future games

    Our experts will develop prototypes, diagrams, and sketches for the future mobile game, and then discuss with the customer and will implement all the wishes at the design phase.

  • Development of the concept

    We define the goals and objectives of the game, and according to this – consider features, target audience, think through the characteristics of the game mechanics, the script and concept art.

  • Game content creation

    According to the concept of the game and sketches, we implement the mechanics of the game and create game content – graphics, captions, animation, dialogues, sounds, music etc. In such a way, we fill the game world.

  • Testing the game quality

    We periodically conduct testing to maintain the quality of the game at a high level. Identify errors before the game gets to the players.


While implementing a mobile game development project there is a whole team: software developers, UI designers, prototype designers, architects, software testers. Our technological expertise in mobile games development includes such technologies: Unity3d, Photon, NGUI, UGUI, AdMob, Google Play Services, Game Analytics, Flurry.

InspireCube – Why Choose Us?

Responsible team that always completes the tasks

Lifetime Support of the implemented application

Valuable experience of the team

Support with account

Yes, we will help you make a developer account at AppStore and Google play.

We implement strictly to the terms.

Timeline for implementation depends on the customer and the amount of work, but we are trying to keep to the timeline.

Full financial responsibility

We are working on the agreement signed by both sides, which gives the right to act according to the law in the case of breach of contract by one of the parties.

Our Mobile Games

It’s Easy to Fall in love with our applications easy!

Every year we become more experienced in dealing with the most complex and unusual problems. Mobile games give people the tools that simplify their lives and make fun their daily routine. Beside, it helps them in education, medicine, business etc.

Mobile games are very popular nowadays. Previously we played games on PC, now with the invention of mobile devices we can play the games anywhere! So, we kill our time playing, enjoy favorite games at mobile devices.

And, if you have an idea and want to make it real – we are ready to help in this!


  1. All starts with the game concept – a technical document describing the objectives, targets, key features of the project, the conditions for its implementation. Yet here it describes the characteristics of the game mechanics (how the gameplay will proceed), a set of ideas, a rough script and concept art.

  1. After determining the game concept, developers are embarking on the mechanics of gameplay, artists and designers create graphics, concept art, sprites and animations. After the evaluation of several sketches, we choose the most appropriate concept and start drawing, render, simulate and so on, and so forth.

  1. While the creation of the game content (graphics, music, text etc.) we include it to the game, and when working version already exists, we start to fill the game world.

  1. Once the game is ready for 90%, we also integrate analytics (Game Analytics, Flurry and so on), which will allow to understand the behavior of the player throughout the game and make changes, if necessary, to ensure maximum comfort and pleasure to players.


  • We keep track of all the changes in the project and implement changes in the balance sheet, if necessary.
  • We also have a QA department, which is periodically testing our games and maintain the quality of products at a high level.
  • Multiplatform. As we develop our projects using the game engine Unity3d, it gives us the possibility to make the user play both at the browser by setting the Unity Player, or at mobile phone, PC, Xbox or PlayStation. Up to his choice

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