Dedicated Software Development Teams by Inspire Cube

A great priority for any company is the hi-quality of information systems that can support the changing needs of the company. There are two ways for such company – software development outsourcing and creation of dedicated development center.

Inspire Cube DDT privides:

  • Organizing team of specialists

  • IT infrastructure organization

  • Guarantees the team engagement only in the custom project

  • Applying well-established processes of software development and testing

  • Providing tools to monitor team performance and control

  • Transparency of the projects

  • Helps to increase the effectiveness of IT investments

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Inspire Cube Dedicated Development Center Expertise

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  • Dedicated development teams IBM BPM (Business Process Manager)
  • Dedicated development teams Java (Java EE) and application servers such as WebSphere, WebLogic Server, Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish
  • Dedicated development teams Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Dedicated development teams Oracle (PL/SQL), MS SQL (TSQL)
  • Dedicated development teams Microsoft: .Net, C#, C++

Inspire Cube Dedicated Development Teams

According to the customer’s requirements dedicated development team includes:

  • qualified software programmers
  • software architects and analysts
  • project managers
  • experts in software quality assurance and testing

We offer 2 levels of service:

Providing temporary employees

If you choose this model of cooperation, we will provide experienced software engineers in accordance with your business requirements. Project management is the responsibility of the customer, so here you should provide us with the person form your company who’ll be the Team Leader of a Project Manager and will directly contact our team.

Dedicated development center

In the case of this model we provide both human resources and management. However, team workflow, tasks and reports are determined and controlled solely by the customer.

Dedicated Development Center is a great solution for such projects:

If you need a team to develop new or existing software product, we can help you to choose a specific team of experts, based on your requirements and business needs.


  • No cost for office space, software and Internet
  • No additional personnel costs related to professional development and motivation of employees
  • Qualified developers with a rich portfolio and the necessary technical skills
  • Participate in the team organizing by interviewing the candidates
  • Full control via all possible ways of communication

Choosing Inspire Cube DDC you’ll get:

Reliability and Result

Inspire Cube Dedicated Development Center – cooperation model allows the customer to get a team of experts, selected according to the individual needs and goals of the project, as well as the preferred method of project management.

Since 2001, we are organizing teams of experienced developers to implement both remote and enterprise managed custom software development projects, with various technical and industry focus.

You’ll have at your disposal a carefully selected team of technical experts, software developers, system architects, QA-engineers and business analysts. Their experience and knowledge will help you achieve your business goals. We offer our customers a proven, individually adaptable strategy of cooperation, as well as the possibility to interview pre-selected experts.

Exclusivity, Flexibility and Scalability

A special team is allocated to work exclusively on the custom project and cannot be interrupted to perform the third-party applications. The team is fully immersed in the client’s project, adapting to its business processes, project methodologies and requirements.

Hiring Inspire Cube dedicated development center, you can flexibly adjust the stuff and size of the project team, and get immediate access to all the information about any software developer, including experience in the use of advanced technology, efficient development methodology and IT infrastructure.

Overall control

Dedicated Development Center model greatly simplifies the management of change requests, while implementing of several projects. A shift in priorities, changes in specifications and other adjustments are made without revising the project budget and difficulties in tracking the changes.

Mature processes

Using advanced technology, combined with waste development methodology allows us to provide constant high-quality results. Dedicated teams regularly represent the client status reports to track the progress of the project, including the tasks status, scope of work, downtime, etc.

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